Giving "Another Way" on #GivingTuesday

A young woman alone at her computer thinks she might be pregnant - and the timing feels like it couldn't be worse.

This might be a young woman like Sasha*, who searched online to look at what "choices" she had and found an advertisement placed by Online for Life. She called the displayed phone number, which transferred to Another Way Pregnancy Center. One of our 1st Responder receptionists - specifically trained to handle such calls - picked up and informed Sasha that, while AWPC does not perform or refer out for abortions, we would be more than willing to schedule an appointment where she could confirm her pregnancy and discuss her options.

Whether struck by the receptionist's caring tone or moved in some other way, Sasha agreed to come in for an ultrasound later that day - and experienced a change of heart as she realized she was pregnant with a real baby.

"That's MY baby," Sasha said to the P.A. performing the ultrasound.

The ability to reach young women like Sasha who might otherwise pursue an abortion is what our partnership with Online for Life (OFL) is all about. Since starting OFL advertising on May 5, 2014, AWPC has seen more abortion-minded clients than ever come through our doors. Our intention is not to deceive these women, but to give them real options, truth, and support when they may think abortion is the only answer. 

The advertisements placed through Online for Life translate into changed hearts and saved lives at AWPC, as well as further opportunities to support these women through our "Earn While Your Learn" program and to share the Gospel with them. 

December 2nd marks #GivingTuesday, a day dedicated to promoting generosity and willingness to give. Will you consider celebrating #GivingTuesday by helping us give "Another Way" to abortion-minded women through Online for Life for another year? 

OFL caller Lily* came in for a free ultrasound in order to have an abortion. While Lily initially didn't want an abortion, she was already raising one toddler, making finances a large concern. However, the kindness of AWPC's staff helped Lily think more about her other options. By the time she came back for another ultrasound two weeks later, she had decided to carry the baby instead.


OFL caller Sheri* was worried having a baby might mean the end of her relationship with Josh*, who wanted to stay out of her "choice." Coming to AWPC allowed both of them to see their baby through an ultrasound and decide against abortion. In addition, learning about resources AWPC provides like "Earn While You Learn" and "Men2Men" counseling made both Sheri and Josh more eager and excited to parent their baby.

$26 funds a day of Online for Life advertising. $183 funds a week. $792 funds a month. $9,500 funds a year. Your generous gift of any amount this #GivingTuesday can help continue stories like these at AWPC. If we exceed our #GivingTuesday goal, further donations will be used to help with the increased operation costs of our medical center.

OFL caller Tina* was still unsure about an abortion when she came to AWPC for an ultrasound. This ultrasound revealed a surprise to both her and the sonographer: she was carrying twins! Discovering two lives in her womb moved Tina to choose life. God is surely moving in the hearts of women He brings to AWPC through partnership with Online for Life - and we hope you can join in giving "Another Way" to abortion-minded women in supporting this continuing outreach. Click below to donate now!

*Names changed - but real lives & stories!