Are Ultrasounds Safe?

10 Facts About Ultrasound
By: Marguerite DeBello, MSN, ACNS-BC, CNE, NP

1. Ultrasound has been used safely in obstetrics for over 35 years

The FDA emphasizes the safety of ultrasound: The agency sets the standard for the level of energy to be used for various treatments or diagnoses, including fetal ultrasounds. This standard restricts ultrasound exposure to levels that produce few (if any) effects on the fetus, based on epidemiological evidence.


2. World Health Organization (WHO) review of the literature in 2009 concluded that  exposure to diagnostic ultrasonography appears to be safe.”


3. Ultrasound does not cause autism, birth defects or early term delivery. 



4. We can see the heartbeat between 5 1/2 and 6 weeks post menstrual period.


5. Did you know that out of 500 abortion minded women:

              60% chose parenting or adoption

              30% experienced miscarriage

              10% had an abortion

              With ultrasound, 90% chose life.

6. Nurses working at AWPC receive 100 or more hours of training before scanning independently.

7. Doppler ultrasound is not used in limited obstetric ultrasound.

8. Limited obstetric ultrasound only verifies viable pregnancies by determining the pregnancy is in the uterus, has a heartbeat and gestational age.

9. Are only done with a medical order.

10. Viewing their unborn children early in pregnancy, before movement is felt by the mothers, may "influence the resolution of any ambivalence toward the pregnancy itself in favor of the fetus," wrote Drs. John C. Fletcher, then of the National Institutes of Health, and Mark I. Evans, then of George Washington University Medical School. "Ultrasound examination may thus result in fewer abortions and more desired pregnancies."