Marguerite's Story

Hi.  My name is Marguerite DeBello.  I have started on a new journey in the past couple of months, and I'd like to introduce myself.  I am serving as the nurse manager for Another Way Pregnancy Center.  Just a year ago, if you had told me that this is where I would be spending my spare time I would have laughed!  I teach nursing full-time, I volunteer as a parish nurse, I have a legal consulting business, and I am working on my dissertation for my doctorate...all while raising six boisterous boys. My plate was full.

However, God had bigger plans for me.  There is no mistaking it: He brought me to this ministry by way of nudges and gentle whispers...and sometimes way more aggressively than that!  I kept saying why me?  I am not an OB nurse. I deal with death and dying.  Yet God saw that my personal experiences and my own love of life were more important than my professional practice area.  I have carried seven children (one a saint).  I know the grief of the loss of a child, having lost one of my own. And God can use this pain I experienced to show empathy to those experiencing post-abortion grief.  I can relate to the issues of pregnancy.  Yet more importantly, I can share my love for a Savior who no matter how off track we get, continues to welcome His children into His loving arms.  He loves us unconditionally.  Many women don’t know this love, this hope.  They feel helpless and stuck because of the choices they made.  All of this combined with my medical experience make me uniquely qualified to serve these women.  Slowly I came to realize that God might have the right idea after all!   And even more amazingly, I am surprised to see how much this is changing me! I suddenly feel as if blinders have been taken off.  I see the wrongs done not only toward the baby but to the woman. I have found a new passion.  

Recently, I caught up with an old friend. She aborted twin boys years ago.    She carries a huge weight of regret even to this day.  She has lost hope in a loving God and can’t grieve for the babies she aborted. She believes there is no God.  I see the loss in her life although she doesn’t.  I ache for healing to come to her. I ache to share my Savior with her in the coming months.  So I ask you, can we share our hope with women suffering the same?  Certainly. Can we give them the information needed to make informed decisions regarding the life that is growing in their body? Yes.  Can we save lives of both mother and baby?   Yes.  Will we always be successful? No.  But God is not asking for perfection from us.  He is asking for obedience to His plan for life.

Jesus often served among those who were lost and without hope.  Think of the Samaritan woman at the well; the woman who reached out for healing from her constant bleeding; the lepers; the blind and the list goes on.  If Jesus was able to serve those who were considered the unwanted people, how can I not serve a fellow woman?  We all make mistakes.   Our sin is no different than another person’s. However, we have something that the women coming to us may not have: awareness of God’s desire to give us salvation.  Salvation offers hope when all else fails.  Women facing an unexpected pregnancy are often fearful and afraid because there is no one to listen to their concerns.  I can be that person.  I can listen help them find a way to be a great parent.  But more importantly, I can share the love of a Savior who has our back.  If God is with us, who can be against us?!    

I recently attended NIFLA training for nurses in limited ultrasound.  I found confirmation of this being my ministry.  Our ultrasound machine is here.  Abortion minded women have come to our center.   We can show them the reality of the life inside their womb.  

We are approaching “go live” with the ultrasound machine (we hope to use it to serve clients this spring). I pray that you will continue to pray for our ministry here at Another Way, and please pray for me.  We have lots to do before we can start ultrasounds for our women.  There will be those who want to stop us and we will be facing many hurdles along the way.  However, I remind myself othat God has led me here for a reason. His will is stronger than those who wish to sabotage or destroy our Mission here.  I thank Jesus every day for being my strength and source of comfort.  I pray that with this technology, we will blaze a wide trail of redemption and grace to those who were facing one of the most difficult times of their lives.  Thank you for your prayers and support, we cannot do this without you.  

Your Servant in Christ,

Marguerite DeBello RN MSN ACNS, BC CNE

Nurse Manager of Another Way Pregnancy Center