Meet Pam

When I was asked to write an article regarding Black History Month and Another Way Pregnancy Center, I prayed about what I wanted to say. So here it is:

"What can the Black Community do to expose the Pro Choice movement?"

I believe that the Black Community needs to get back to basics and understand that abortion is not a "pro-choice" thing, but a "genocide" thing in the Black Community. I had the opportunity to attend a meeting where the numbers were revealed of black babies aborted in Michigan. The numbers were astronomical. I was amazed, and it was then that the reality revised my sense of urgency to do my part at Another Way Pregnancy Center (AWPC).

I believe as a black woman, minister and chaplain, I need to help women to understand what God says about abortion. We live in a society where what is right in God's eyes, is wrong, and what is wrong in God's eyes, is right. This is why it is so important for me as a counselor at AWPC to tell my clients the truth. I also know that God will hold me accountable (Ezekiel 33:1-6) if I don't. So it is imperative that I, as well as other counselors and staff here at AWPC, use our different gifts to get the word out to our clients and to the public about the pro-life movement. Our work at AWPC is "God-mandated" and "God-centered." Our classes and the clients' shopping sprees put a smile on my face, as well as theirs.

When I go home at the end of my day, I feel a sense of gratification. I am proud to be a part of the wonderful work we do here at AWPC.

--Minister Pam Richmond MA, M.Div

"God has no phone, but I talk to Him. God has no Facebook, but He's still my friend. God has no Twitter, but I follow Him."--Author Unknown.