Worth a Thousand Words?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  If that is the case, an ultrasound picture of a baby is worth a billion.  At least.

I was reminded of this not too long ago, when I nervously went to my 8-week pregnancy confirmation appointment.  Despite getting a positive pregnancy test a few weeks earlier, there is nothing as calming and encouraging to me as being able to actually see the baby at the office on the screen.  Up until then, the not-so-fun side ailments of pregnancy (morning sickness, lethargy, (ahem) “crabbiness”) are just at the tippy-tippy start and I start to doubt if I made up these side effects and wonder if there really is a baby growing in my not-yet growing belly.

But then I see that ultrasound.  The flicker of light; the flicker of life, is unmistakable.  Nestled in my womb is life.  It isn’t me, it is another being, another human being, made in the image and likeness of God. A baby.

Another Way Pregnancy Center has understood the power of an ultrasound image.  The employees and volunteers and board members have been steadfast is bringing this technology to the center.  The statistics prove that abortion-vulnerable couples will choose life a whopping 78% of the time when they see their baby on the ultrasound (Adam Cohen “The Next Abortion Battleground: Fetal Heartbeats” Time Ideas October 17, 2011).  In fact, most abortion providers do not even give the option for the patient to see an ultrasound prior to the abortion.  Says former abortionist Dr. Joseph Randall, “They [the women] are never allowed to look at the ultrasound because we knew that if they so much as heard the heart beat, they wouldn’t want to have an abortion.” 

So to recap: 1) when seeing an ultrasound, 78% of abortion-minded couples choose life; and 2) abortion providers intentionally do not show ultrasounds to abortion-minded patients because they will most likely not give them their business.

What does a responsible life-centered, woman-centered crisis pregnancy center like Another Way do with this info?

We get ourselves an ultrasound machine, of course.  And folks, that’s exactly what we did.  It took us years to buy, and with the help of the generous Knights of Columbus, we finally did!  And while we have been raising funds, women have been getting abortions from doctors who intentionally tell them half-truths about the “blobs of tissue” and “potential of life” growing in their wombs. These women don’t know that these “blobs” have flickering heartbeats, fingers, toes, nerves.  They arebabies.

Another Way has been getting ready since October 2012, making sure all of the protocols are followed, insurance is covered, medical directors chosen (and willing to dedicate their time and name to the effort) and ultrasound techs selected.  We have climbed a mountain, to be sure.  

There are a few obstacles still to overcome.  But we are making great strides in helping couples becoming informed about what it happening not to their bodies, but within their bodies.  We hope to be running the ultrasound machine within a few short weeks!  In the meantime, please consider spiritually supporting us as we cross the finish line.  With this technology, we won’t just be touching lives unseen, we will be making lives seen.  And often, that can be the difference between life and death.