42 Years... And the Destruction Continues

TODAY marks the 42nd Anniversary of Roe - vs - Wade, the infamous Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion on demand in all 50 States, for any reason, at any time during a woman's pregnancy.

Perhaps you are old enough to remember the following "promises" that were made in the 70's by abortion proponents fighting for "Reproductive Freedom":

  • Every child would be a wanted child
  • Child abuse would be eliminated or greatly reduced
  • Poverty would be eliminated, or greatly reduced
  • There would be a decline in violent crimes
  • Women would become equal to men in the workplace and in society
  • Women would be treated with more respect - as equals in society

Pro-life supporters saw the lie, and warned of the "slippery slope" that would unravel our stability as a nation and destroy our moral foundations.  Abortion opponents argued, "If human life is no longer valued, we are all at risk. The value of human life becomes subjective, and who will decide the value of our own lives?"  I was 17 at the time, and I remember these arguments vividly.  The impressions made in my soul became the convictions that compel me to action still today. 

So where ARE we today?

TODAY I saw (for the first time) the 2013 abortion numbers for the State of Michigan.  It is grievious. (And the report is at least five months late.)  

26,120 abortions were reported in the State of Michigan in 2013, a 12.4% increase from the 23,230 reported in 2012.  Of the 2,890 increase statewide,  2,107 came from Wayne, Oakland, and Livingston Counties - the areas served by Another Way Pregnancy Center.  Here's the breakdown.  Please remember that EACH number represents an innocent, precious human life:

                                                    2012                         2013

Wayne County                        9,084                      10,453

Oakland County                     2,658                        3,347

Livingston County                     220                          267

Surely we have work to do!  One very important step is to TELL our friends and family about these "numbers".  EVERY TIME I speak about abortion and share the REALITY of the abortion business in our neighborhoods, people are shocked.  Most think that abortion is rare or for those "extreme" cases.  But abortion is real, right here - both North and South of 12 Mile Road ON ORCHARD LAKE ROAD - and at numerous other killing facilities in Southeast Michigan.


The Creator of the universe still values those He has made, and He is still on the throne and in the business of redeeming human lives.  His love, mercy and grace pour out to those who will receive.  And He is busy and active through the ministry at Another Way Pregnancy Center.

Please pray with us and for us, that we will be effective at reaching more women and men facing the challenge of untimely or unintended pregnancy.  Pray that our influence will increase as we share Truth, hope and very real help.

Because of Christ,

Karen Jewell, Executive Director