What If "It" Were A Treasure?

AWPC supporter Chris Moses graciously shared with us a poem he wrote and we wanted to share it with all of you! Merry Christmas!


Baby with a Christmas present

Searching for buried treasure

That’s a childhood game I fondly remember

Digging deep into the fertile, dark earth

Hoping to give wild dreams birth

How I long for those childish days

And all their innocent ways


Peering deep into my own heart

Has hidden treasure taken a part?

With promises of adventure, beauty and toil

With value greater than silver, gold or oil

Skeptics claim with hard sneers

“You’re chasing a fool’s dream” adding to my fears

But my inner life is full of wonder

And my mind takes time to ponder


So I had the latest ultrasound

Studying the life moving around

The form and substance are just like mine

Bearing fingerprints of the Divine

Although the image speaks with a clear voice

I’m alone with a terrible choice

If ‘it’ were money, power or fame

I would jump at the indulgent gain

My heart says this one in me is greater still

Yet ‘it’ challenges my selfish will

Yes it’s mine and just like me

Seeking life and liberty


They say be free of ‘it’ and a true woman be

But do they care about the real me?

Does it die or come to breath?

Someone, somewhere save me from a love of death

Then I hear the receptionist call

I numbly walk down the hall

A doctor waits ready to take

The life from me – yet I hesitate


Standing still I’m frozen by the weight

Of mine and ‘its’ eternal fate

If I were growing precious jewels inside

No one would dare disturb where they hide

But what work of jewelry can compare?

To an infant’s form so sweet and rare

Pray, pray that I won’t destroy

The gift of heaven – a baby boy!


 - Chris Moses