Will you help stop Planned Parenthood in its own messy tracks?

By now, you've probably heard about the latest shocking undercover videos from Planned Parenthood. 

(If not, check out Online for Life's handy webpage where you can watch each video and review key takeaway points. The subject matter is disturbing - but it's too important not to know about!)

What can you do about it?

Kirk Walden does an excellent job laying out three things anyone can do to respond - including YOU:

Contact your Congressional Representatives at www.house.gov to ask them to suspend Planned Parenthood funding.

Contact your Congressional Representatives. 
"Any pro-life individual can write his or her congressional representative and ask that Planned Parenthood's federal funding - more than $500 million each year - be suspended while the investigation plays out...

Pro-choice representatives in swing districts can likely be persuaded to go along with a suspension of funding based on the seriousness of these charges. If Planned Parenthood is found guilty of atrocities—which they likely will—then we can go for defunding...

Anyone can write an email to a representative in Congress. It took me 15 minutes. Ask for a suspension of funding, pending congressional investigations. This is a battle we can win."

Contact a corporation that supports Planned Parenthood to share your concerns.

Contact a corporation that supports Planned Parenthood. 
"Take a few minutes and log on to 2nd Vote, where you can find whether the companies you purchase from support Planned Parenthood. Find a business you already support which could use a little more information on what—exactly--they are funding. 

This is not about boycotting (which yields mixed results at best). But it only takes 15 minutes to say, 'I enjoy your product, but have concerns regarding your contributions to an organization now padding its funding through black-market trafficking of human body parts. Regardless of Planned Parenthood’s public pronouncements, its actions are directly opposed to my values and I would assume, your company’s values as well. I ask that you reconsider this financial investment of your profits, to which I contribute.' 

If you own stock in a company, as a shareholder, you have even more clout. Use this influence with care and wisdom, being gentle yet firm."

Provide women an alternative to Planned Parenthood - support AWPC by volunteering or donating!

Support life-affirming pregnancy centers (like AWPC!) with time and money.
"Our support can help these centers build their services, expand their outreach, compete head-to-head with the abortion industry—and win...

Let me be bold. Do we need to pray about giving? Certainly. But we’re not praying about 'whether;' we’re praying about how much. These ministries are advancing the love of Christ and reaching out on behalf of lives God created. Let’s purpose to give them the support                                                             they need."

Kirk’s original article outlines how those who proclaim to be pro-life could provide local pregnancy centers with funding EQUAL to Planned Parenthood funding if even just a percentage gave a one-time donation. We can do this!

(Original Source: "You're Outraged at Planned Parenthood: 3 Things You Can Do" by Kirk Walden)

We would be remiss if we did not also look to prayerfor human life to be protected, for our nation to open its eyes to the atrocities of the abortion industry, and for the hearts of those advocating abortion to be transformed by the Gospel. 

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Please join us in taking these steps - and sharing them with your pro-life family and friends!