Funding for the Lord's Purposes:
We need your feedback!

As a supporter of AWPC's vital ministry in the community, we strongly desire your input as we plan for next year's banquet and other future fundraising events.

Over the past four years, AWPC has been the only pregnancy center in Southeast Michigan to organize only one fundraising event per year. However, with increased costs from operating a medical center, advertising to abortion-vulnerable women, and additional staffing to accommodate larger client intake, we can no longer rely on one event to carry the majority of our funding.

At the same time, our Board of Directors remains committed to hosting quality events which broaden our base of support while promoting our mission in the community. While this survey does not guarantee any of the listed events will take place, we value knowing our supporters' level of interest. 

Please share your thoughts with us by answering the following questions. Completed surveys will be entered in a drawing to win copies of Answering the Call by John Ensor and The Wall by Kirk Walden!

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2014 Banquet Feedback
1. Did you attend AWPC's 2014 Fundraising Banquet? If "No," skip to the "Future Funding Ideas" section below.
2. Have you attended previous AWPC banquets? Please check those that apply.
3. Were you a table host at this year's banquet? If "No," skip to question #6.
4. Was this your first time hosting a table at an AWPC banquet?
5. Would you recommend any of your guests to become table hosts in the future?
6. Would you be interested in being a table host at future banquets? If "No," skip to question #8.
7. If you hosted a table in the future, would you know of additional new guests you could invite?
9. Please indicate your level of agreement with each of the following statements.
9. Please indicate your level of agreement with each of the following statements.
I enjoyed the table decorations at this year's banquet.
I enjoyed the praise music at this year's banquet.
I enjoyed the dinner music at this year's banquet.
I enjoyed the food at this year's banquet.
The wait service at this year's banquet was exceptional.
I enjoyed Glen Oaks as this year's banquet location.
I enjoyed Jason Hanson as this year's banquet emcee.
I enjoyed David Bereit as this year's banquet speaker.
Executive Director Karen Jewell's presentation was strong and easy to follow.
I enjoyed this year's client video.
The request for donations was done well at this year's banquet.
10. Did you attend the Dessert First tour of Another Way Pregnancy Center?
12. If "No," would you like a tour of the center?
13. If the center had been open AFTER the banquet (9 p.m. - 10 p.m.) for tours, would you have stopped by?
14. Was Jason Hanson a factor in your decision to attend Dessert First?
Future Funding Ideas
1. Would you be interested in a golf outing in Spring/Summer 2015?
If "Yes," check all that apply:
2. Would you be interested in attending a casual dinner-dance with ticket prices between $50-$75 per person?
If "Yes," check all that apply:
3. Would you be interested in a "classy" event similar to "Charity Night" at the Detroit Auto Show on a smaller scale? This would be a formal event focusing on "Education and Inspiration," featuring a well-known speaker (e.g. Abby Johnson, Dr. Ben Carson) requiring significant underwriting and a ticket cost of $250-$350 per person. Our current total banquet program costs come to $49.50/person--the cost for this event would be much higher. Please check all that apply:
4. Would you participate in a Walk-A-Thon/Fun Run and ask others to sponsor you? Please check all that apply:
5. Would you be interested in a Classic Car Show?
7. Please check any of the following fundraising opportunities that you would participate in:

Thank you for your time! You will be eligible for our book drawing when you click "Submit."