Client Video Testimonial - uploaded 12-29-2017.

Client Testimonials

 Were you treated with respect and did you feel safe here?  Did the staff care? 

Yes, I loved that I could come to AWPC to just talk about what’s going on in my life/family.  I never was judged or talked down to.  You guys help encourage and lift people up. 

Yes, yes, I felt safe here.   I had a very caring staff, I loved the help from the staff.

Yes, I felt at all times I was in a loving, respectful, safe and relaxing environment.  The women - I love how everyone treats the clients personally. 

I was safe and treated with respect.  I liked the Bible lessons and the books about relationships.  I enjoyed going into the store to select items for my son, at some other clinics you can’t.  (Male Client)

Yes, yes, yes.  Examples:  meeting with client advocate, having conversations, prayers and going over homework.


If Another Way Pregnancy Center wasn’t here would you / your situation be different today?

Yes, I would be lost not having information.

I really appreciate the baby bucks program because when there was a need at home I was able to come shop and get the items. 

Yes, I wouldn’t be as close to the Lord. 

I believe that I’m a little more patient with my children due to the videos I watched.

The environment  - being in a space where the clients are treated with so much respect and care is awesome. 

My relationship with my child has directly benefited from watching the learning videos at AWPC.


Favorite Thing About AWPC?

The love they show when you step in. 

I’ve become closer to God and learning how to deal with everyday life situations.

The people are great and the service.  Love it.