Why Volunteer at Another Way Pregnancy Center?


One volunteer graciously sent us her personal story of why serving at AWPC means so much to her

There are so many reasons why I love AWPC and choose to give it my time and talents:

· The loving people that I get to meet and work with.

· The joy of doing something that we all believe in.

· The community that working together creates.

But most importantly, these are two reasons that are very personal to my heart.

First, AWPC offers non-judgmental support to all in need while offering the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no push, there is just love, support, and truth of the baby development process, regardless of the client and his or her background or ideas about abortion.

Secondly, giving back allows me to heal from my own abortions.  After coming to Christ, there was the incredible pain of knowing, without a doubt, that I allowed two of my children, two of God's creations, to be killed because society said it was okay to do so, and because I fell for the "mass of cells" lie. Although Jesus forgives all, it's not always easy to forgive ourselves. Giving back to AWPC allows me to play a small part in preventing another woman from making the same life-altering choice that I made. Now I know that God truly is in control and if He did not want a baby to be born, then He wouldn't have allowed him or her to be conceived. One of the goals of AWPC is to share that truth without judgment or demands while caring for the whole woman - becoming a mother, her baby, her relationship with the father and life - with the love that Jesus asks that we give.

 I am very particular about what organizations I support, but AWPC met me where I was and the work here is something that I truly believe in.

God bless AWPC and all stakeholders in it.

                                                                        - Anonymous Volunteer


                                                                 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! 

·       Nurses to help educate our clients.

·   Social Workers to help our clients find the resources they need to ensure they are able to successfully parent.

· Client Advocates to provide peer counseling, educate from our Earn While You Learn curriculum, and share Christ’s love with women as they visit the office

·    Men2Men Advocates to provide peer counseling, mentor, and share Christ’s love with men as they visit the office

·    Childcare Assistants to take care of clients’ children at the center while clients are in their Earn While You Learn sessions

·    Receptioniststo greet clients, answer the phone, make & confirm appointments, and do office work

·    Data Entry Assistants

·    Event Volunteers

·    Social Media

View our volunteer opportunities at www.awpcfriends.com/volunteer

or call us at 248-471-5858!