Men2Men Program

Our Men2Men Program is a one-on-one mentorship program designed to help men prepare for fatherhood. 

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Parenting Resources

Like Earn While You Learn, clients are assigned to a male client advocate and meet in a one-on-one mentorship setting. Topics for men include helping their partner through pregnancy, parenting skills, and the importance of a father's role in their child's life. Our goal is to equip fathers with the confidence and skills they need to prepare for fatherhood.


Relational Resources

The Men2Men program shares relationship resources with the women's Earn While You Learn program, and both programs cover similar topics on boundaries, sexual integrity, and healthy marriages. In addition, we have resources that cover the specific roles of fathers in the lives of their children and how to create relationships that strengthen their families. 

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Optional Bible Studies

While we welcome clients of any faith, Bible studies are available for clients who would like to cover them in their one-on-one sessions. Topics range from basic tenets of faith to more in-depth New Testament book studies.