AWPC's work is not possible without the effort and generosity of our supporters.

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Support Given In Loving Memory Of:

Tenisha Jenkins, by her husband Bilal and family

Tenisha Jenkins was a beloved member of our AWPC family. She served as a volunteer professional counselor at the center and as treasurer of the board. She went to be with her Savior on September 29th, 2017. 
As we contacted her clients to inform them of her passing, each client shared how Tenisha touched their lives in some way. They shared stories of her being there for them in their time of need. Tenisha gave freely of her time and talent to her clients and to AWPC. Her generous heart will be missed by many. 

Thank you for giving to our work!

Support Given in Honor of:

In honor of Ed Connolly, by Greg & Jean Stachura
In loving memory of her dad, by Karen Turgeon
In loving memory of his mom, Sharon Curlee, by Jon Curlee
Chris Dimanin, by Leighanne Denja
Marlene's birthday, by Lloyd & Bonnie Symons
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Cody's and Lloyd's birthdays, by Lloyd & Bonnie Symons
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